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First Shareholders’ Commit  
Posted :2012/9/20 14:51:36
On the morning of Sep. 5th , first shareholder’s committee and board of directors of She...
 Liaoning SME Credit Serv2012.11.18
 Project Brief, China (Sh2012.09.20
 Provincial Governor Chen2012.09.20
 The Cooperative Project 2012.09.20
Success Universe Liaoning SME Industrial Fund was Established and Shenyang SME Listing Training Base Inauguraiong Ceremony
Credit insurance is to point to to the underwriter holder against the debtor’s credit risk is a kind of insurance is a enterprise for risk management of insurance products. Its main function is to guarantee the safety of the enterprise accounts receivable. Its principle is a debtor make sure responsibilit…… [MORE]
Credit consulting is by third party according to user needs to provide all kinds of credit service body. By consulting object points: One is to consulting the user’s related enterprise, individual and government credit counseling, MORE]
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